Braun Strowman’s Post-Surgery Elbow Looks Absolutely Hideous

That empty feeling you’ve had in the bottom of your soul for the past few weeks has been the absence of Braun Strowman from WWE Raw. The Monster Among Slightly Smaller Monsters had to have elbow surgery recently and could apparently be out of action for up to six months. That is rotten, and it stinks, and I hate it.

Last week, Strowman shared an Instagram photo of the elbow surgery in progress, because I guess you gotta do EVERYTHING for the Gram these days.

Let’s just say it looks significantly less than fun!

I hope I never have to have a surgery that requires a full-arm piercing to hold all my armguts in place, but unless I suffer a catastrophic bout of Blogger’s Elbow, I guess I don’t really have to worry about that.

And on Monday, Braun shared a post-op photo of his surgically-repaired arm, saying “This is what a shattered elbow looks like” and followed by probably the appropriate amount of exclamation points.

Yeah, that’s a grody ol’ arm, alright. Given how long I’ve been covering sports, I’m led to believe that one of the biggest upsides to any injury is sharing nasty-ass photos of all your surgical bruising and scars afterwards. So at least there’s that.

Braun, we hope you feel better soon and that you really do come back way ahead of schedule, because pro wrestling — hell, because life is better with you around and on television every week. Maybe just try not to flip over or run through any ambulance parts for a while, huh?

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