Braun Strowman Will Reportedly Miss Some Time To Have Elbow Surgery

Braun Strowman’s feud with Roman Reigns will reportedly take a brief hiatus as the monster among men will be sidelined for the next four to eight weeks with an elbow injury that will require surgery to fix, according to

Strowman has been playing up a shoulder injury on TV for his character as he’s fought Reigns on the WWE’s UK and Europe swing, but his actual ailment is allegedly an elbow problem. That injury storyline was continued on the upcoming Raw from London (spoilers here if you want them) when Strowman came out in a sling and fought with Reigns, who attacked his injured arm.

The reported timetable for a return of four to eight weeks means the upcoming Extreme Rules and Great Balls of Fire (which I still can’t believe is real) pay-per-views will need to be adjusted to account for his injury. It’s unfortunate timing considering how much the crowd has latched onto Strowman thanks to his physical destruction of Reigns and the really strong match they put together at WWE Payback. That momentum will be interrupted by this injury, but Roman won’t be losing any heat anytime soon and when Strowman comes back he can go back to flipping ambulances and generally dominating Reigns in increasingly spectacular fashion.