Braun Strowman Flipped Over A Semi Truck After Kurt Angle Fired Him On WWE Raw

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Perhaps, like us, you thought that Braun Strowman might never top the time he flipped over an ambulance. Well, of course, we were proven wrong just last week on WWE Raw, when Strowman pulled down an entire stage on Brock Lesnar and Kane, using a frigging grappling hook.

Okay, sure, fine. Strowman is capable of topping himself. But perhaps after THAT, you thought maybe, MAYBE, the well of Braun Strowman was finite, and that there must surely be SOME limit to the feats of strength of which the Monster Among Men is capable. Well, we were once again proven horribly wrong on Monday night, when Strowman went on an evening-long rampage, which culminated with Strowman flipping over a semi truck cab.

Let us start at the beginning, shall we? Monday’s episode of Raw started with Kurt Angle informing Strowman that, after last week’s horrible grappling hook-assisted assault, he was fired, effective immediately. Angle ordered security to escort Strowman out of the arena, and I’ll give you one guess how that went.

Go on; guess.

After laying waste to half a dozen security guards, Strowman REALLY began his rampage, insisting he would not stop until EVERYONE had received those hands. His next stop? Catering, of course.

After that, a referee informed Kurt Angle that Strowman was heading toward the production trucks. After realizing how valuable those trucks are, the race was on!

Strowman got there first, of course, and he threatened the production team by throwing a jacket and kicking things before departing. It seemed like the production team had been spared the worst … but their truck hadn’t!


And yet, Strowman STILL wasn’t finished. He headed back into the arena to grab Michael Cole and, presumably, murder him. Angle stopped Strowman mid-murder and let him know that Stephanie McMahon had called and ordered Strowman re-hired, effective immediately. That stopped Strowman, temporaily, and he downgraded the murder of Michael Cole into an ATTEMPTED murder. That was nice of him!

Strowman is re-hired, and Michael Cole was replaced on the remainder of Raw by Tom Philips. In other news, there appears to be no in-canon upper limit to the strength of Braun Strowman, so join us next week, when he hurls the entire Manhattan Center into the sun to celebrate Raw’s 25th anniversary.

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