Braun Strowman Explains Garbage Truck Survival And His Game Boy Beginnings

12.29.17 2 years ago 5 Comments

We were recently lucky enough to get some time to talk to everyone’s favorite Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman, for the With Spandex podcast. While you can hear the full interview by clicking this link, we absolutely had to get down in writing his explanation for how he managed to stay alive after being crushed in a real garbage truck, as well as his “fat kid” love of the Game Boy when he was little. If you can imagine Braun Strowman ever being “little,” that is.

WITH SPANDEX: Did you play video games at all as a kid? You don’t strike me as a video game playing kid. Also, I can’t imagine you as a kid at all. I can’t imagine you as a small human being.

Braun Strowman: It’s funny; a lot of people say that. I was never really a small [kid], per se. I’ve always been a little bit larger. For a while, I was a little butterball running around. Luckily I just stretched out and that dispersed throughout my body, instead of just keeping short and portly, so I got lucky on that end. I decided to grow tall along with my width.

No, growing up my dad played softball, and we traveled all over the country every week and stuff like that. And I can remember sitting in the back of the van for hours and hours and hours playing Game Boy as a kid, and stuff like that. Still to this day, I’ve never beat Mario for Game Boy, and it drives me insane. You get to so many levels, then you die and you just gotta start over. I’m like, “Why? This is so cruel.” Why were video games so hard back then, and now you get infinite lives and you just run around and you just start back over after you die? I don’t get it.

What were your favorite Game Boy games? Zelda, obviously.

Zelda, I liked for Game Boy. Kid Icarus I remember playing a lot when I was kid on Game Boy. I really liked that, and then just Tetris and simple games like that just were easy to keep me occupied. Not to age myself, but I was born in ’83 so I’m a first, maybe second generation video gamer. All that stuff was just coming out. I remember getting the Game Boy when it came out, and that was like pulling teeth to get my parents to get me one. I think they finally just bought one to shut me up.

That was the only console they ever bought. They never got any for the house, because I wasn’t allowed in the house because I was a maniac like I am now when I was a kid. Probably even worse when I was a kid and they were [saying] every day, “Get your ass outside, because you’re not staying inside, because you’re going to drive us crazy.” I would go out and torment the neighborhood instead of my parents.

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