Braun Strowman Offers A PSA As WWE Takes Precautions Against Coronavirus

With fear of the coronavirus still rampant around the world, concerts, festivals and sporting events are being cancelled as people do their best to avoid big crowds where the virus could easily spread. Despite multiple cases of coronavirus in Tampa, Florida, where the event is due to be held in less than four weeks, WWE is understandably reluctant to cancel their biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 36. But as the build to Mania continues apace, the company is making some efforts.

According to PWInsider, WWE has instituted a “no touching” rule for Superstar signings and appearances. Sasha Banks was recently seen complying with the new rule by wearing blue latex gloves at an appearance at Footaction:

Just today, Braun Strowman released a video on Twitter in which he talks about meeting fans all over the world and the importance of good hygiene, before offering a modified version of his old “Get these hands” catch phrase, “Wash these hands!”

Being cautious about hygiene and minimizing contact with strangers are certainly good ideas at a time like this, but the question of whether WrestleMania will be affected certainly remains open. Current reports indicate that ticket sales are good, although sales for all the non-Mania events that weekend are considerably lower. We will of course keep you updated if WWE makes any big moves.