Braun Strowman And The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Hanging Out Is Absolutely Terrifying

In terms of nicknames, “The Monster Among Men” is probably about on par with “The Mountain That Rides.” One of those names is bestowed upon one of the biggest dudes in WWE, whose feats include flipping ambulances, hucking office chairs like they’re spitballs, and repeatedly sending Roman Reigns to increasingly more glorious deaths. The other man is one of the world’s legit strongest men, who could PROBABLY flip an ambulance, but DEFINITELY ruined a bunch of people’s lives by what he did to Oberyn Martell, and whose reanimated Game of Thrones character is one of our generation’s greatest ghouls.

It’s honestly tough to say whether Braun Strowman or Thor Björnsson, aka Gregor Clegane, aka The Mountain, is more fearsome an individual. Personally, my money is on the guy whose dad is the greatest softball player of all time. I mean, you KNOW the son of “best softball player” knows how to drink and fight and fight because of drinking.

Anyway, if you’re wondering whether these two real-life monsters have ever hung out like good besties in real life, the answer is “yes, of course.” Because all enormous men know each other. It’s true. It’s like there’s a hivemind for people who can eat a tractor. Strowman shared this amazing photograph of the two guys palling around and making a normal human being look like some sort of hilarious Goosebumps doll.

Oh hey what’s up there, nightmares that will last for the remainder of my lifetime. Either one of those guys could definitely unhinge their jaw and swallow me whole, to say nothing of the true terrors they could unleash on my bones and sinew were they aggravated enough to wish my physical harm.

We’re going to spend the rest of the afternoon (probably the rest of the weekend) thinking about what they might have discussed when they hung out, and whether Strowman was able to successfully give the Mountain any advice on how best to overturn a vehicle containing one (1) exquisitely damp Samoan prince. That stuff will probably come in super handy in the wilds of Westeros.