Braun Strowman Was Ready To Fight A Wendy’s Over Making Him Wait For Chicken


Braun Strowman likes to eat. A lot. You don’t become the Monster Among Men by eating like a normal human being, so this should come as little surprise.

Where some wrestlers and professional athletes have transitioned into a strict dietary regimen that prevents them from taking in the joys of fast food, Strowman is more than happy to hammer back some Wendy’s grilled chicken and giant Chipotle bowls. He does expect his fast food to live up to its name, however, and be fast.

Strowman took to Twitter on Sunday night to express his frustration with Wendy’s for not being prompt with his grilled chicken on multiple occasions over the past two weeks, saying Alexa Bliss was calming him down but he wanted the restaurant to #GetTheseHands.

Wendy’s quickly, and wisely, apologized and requested Strowman not turn whatever store he was at into the latest victim of Braun’s feats of strength.

Here’s the thing: I have to assume Braun isn’t just ordering one grilled chicken sandwich (I assume that’s what he’s ordering because that’s what’s on the Wendy’s menu, but he might just be ordering the chicken breasts by themselves), but is ordering a lot of grilled chicken. Because it’s not one of their most popular items, one would think a Wendy’s has, at any time, two or three grilled chicken breasts at the ready and in the warmer, with the idea that when one is ordered they’ll make more.

So, it’s got to be a bit of a shock to any store’s system when Braun charges through the drive-thru demanding a bunch of chicken. There are two courses of action here: one is for Strowman to accept waiting for his fast food, which seems unlikely. The second and one I’m more fond of is, every Wendy’s in the area of a WWE event should be ready at all times with at least 10 grilled chicken breasts in case Strowman rolls through.

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