We Tried To Eat As Much Chipotle As WWE’s Monster, Braun Strowman

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10.03.17 12 Comments


Before Braun Strowman began his career as WWE’s Monster Among Men, he had a successful run as a strongman, competing in big dude stuff like the Arnold Strongman Classic, and the SCL North American Championships. Strowman stands at 6 ft. 8 in. weighing in at 385 lbs. and walks in the same circles as Game of Thrones’ Mountain. The Monster Among Men moniker is no exaggeration.

The nature of WWE’s grueling schedule is well documented. Between travel, and performing, and traveling again, and performing again, the typical meal plan for someone like Strowman can be difficult to manage. He works out a lot, but in order to maintain his Monster status he has to eat a lot, and it’s hard to find time in WWE’s schedule to make sure you’re eating the right food to maintain yourself in that lifestyle.

Strowman turned to Chipotle, which is a common thread among professional athletes who have to travel from city to city on a daily basis. The NBA’s general love for Chipotle is well documented, but Braun Strowman takes that love to a whole new level.

The Ringer’s David Shoemaker asked Braun Strowman what his typical Chipotle order looked like, and yeah, it’s a lot.

Shoemaker: What’s the order? For all of us trying to get big and strong like you.

Strowman: A bowl. One scoop of rice. Grilled vegetables. Three scoops of steak. Two scoops of chicken. Guac. Corn. Sour cream.

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