WWE Released A Statement On The Bret Hart Attack At The Hall Of Fame, Attacker Identified And Arrested

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As you’ve heard by now, Saturday night’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony was marred by a fan charging the ring during Bret Hart’s speech for the Hart Foundation and trying to tackle the 61-year old wrestling legend to the ground. WWE released the following statement about the incident:

“An over-exuberant fan surpassed our security at ringside and made his way briefly into the ring. The individual has been turned over to the proper authorities.”

If deciding to bumrush a legend while surrounded by hundreds of off-the-clock professional wrestlers who want to (and sometimes do) punch you in the face wasn’t punishment enough, the attacker is reportedly being charged with charged with two counts of assault, along with trespassing and disorderly conduct. A CBS News report notes that one of the security guards involved received minor injuries, as well.

Here’s the best look available at the complete attack:

For anyone wondering, Fightful‘s reporting that the attacker is 26-year old amateur MMA fighter Zach Masden, a clearly troubled WWE fan who wore a Jack Swagger ‘We The People’ shirt in his debut fight, and who was arrested last year for violating a protection order. His hobbies include wearing the wig Homer Simpson wore to Hullabalooza, and tweeting insane shit to the people who run a wrestling promotion.



Reminder: don’t be this guy.