It’s Official: Brian Pillman’s Son Is A Pro Wrestler Now

Via YouTube

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since we lost Brian Pillman? The Loose Cannon, the Hollywood Blonde, Flyin’ Brian — whatever nickname you choose to remember him by, there’s no doubt that Pillman was one of the brightest, most unique talents in ‘90s pro wrestling, and his untimely passing from a heart attack due to undiagnosed arteriosclerotic heart disease on October 5, 1997, is doubly tragic knowing how many years we were robbed of his skill and raw talent.

Now, two decades later, a new Pillman emerges — and this one is Brian’s son, the 24-year-old Brian Pillman Jr., who was just four when his father passed away and who began training to become a pro wrestler back in February 2017. Pillman Jr. spent time last year training with Lance Storm, and on December 30, 2017, he had his first-ever pro wrestling match at Indianapolis Championship Wrestling‘s New Years Bash event against Johnathan Wolf. You can watch a clip of that contest below:

Pillman Jr. took to Twitter after he scored a victory to offer up a few words of appreciation for the official start of his journey as a second-generation superstar:

We here at With Spandex with you the best of luck on your path, Brian! Here’s hoping we see you climbing through the yellow ropes in NXT one day. In the meantime, we’ll look forward to reading that long-awaited biography about your dad.