Brie Bella Is Already Planning Her WWE Comeback

It’s been just over three weeks since Brie Bella gave birth to her and Daniel Bryan‘s first daughter, Birdie Joe. But there’s no holding back the Total Divas and Total Bellas star, and Brie is already planning on making a wrestling comeback. Brie, of course, retired at WrestleMania 32 last year, in anticipation of starting a family with Bryan, who has at that time already announced his own retirement.

Now that Brie’s pregnancy is behind her, however, she’s raring to go at getting back into shape, which is the first step on her journey back to a WWE ring. Last week, Brie began chronicling her new mission, and she plans on posting regular updates on the Bella Twins YouTube page.

On Thursday, she posted a clip of her opting not to work out to her own theme songs (a bold, if perhaps wise choice), and doing bench press and curls with exercise bands. She can’t work out her core yet, because childbirth, but she’s excited about being able to lift weights again. Make sure you stick around to the end to catch Bryan giving her crap for cheating on her reps.

It’s pretty wild to think that new mom Brie has her sights set on a WWE comeback, but you know that the Bellas are nothing if not determined. For now, soothe yourself with this great video of a beautiful and adorable baby and the proud new parents. (And Auntie!)