Britt Baker And Two Other Wrestlers May Be Injured After AEW Dynamite

Last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite was one of the more exciting shows in the no-crowd pandemic era of wrestling, but unfortunately some of that excitement may have come at the expense of some of the performers’ bodies. It seemed pretty clear to anyone watching closely that three wrestlers got hurt over the course of the show, and today we can offer a few more details about their situations.

Fenix dove to the outside after his match with Orange Cassidy, but none of the wrestlers brawling out there managed to really catch his weight, and he was seen falling directly to the ground, where a referee quickly checked up on him. According to Bryan Alvarez at the Wrestling Observer, Fenix is just “banged up” and still expected to compete in the Ladder Match at Double or Nothing on Saturday.

Britt Baker was down in the corner in her tag match, when her opponents Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida dropped her partner Nyla Rose onto Baker’s bent knee. Afterward she was seen clutching it and being attended by an official at ringside. Currently she’s still scheduled to wrestle Statlander on Saturday, but the Observer notes that she still has to be medically evaluated today, and it looks like it might be “a pretty serious knee injury.”

In the final segment of the show, Matt Jackson appeared to hurt his ribs jumping off of a wall in the football stadium onto the Inner Circle. He took more than one shot to the ribs after that, and could be seen looking pained as the show ended. He’s supposed to be in the Stadium Stampede match at Saturday’s event, but he’ll also be evaluated by a doctor today.

Hopefully everybody will be able to work on Saturday, but we’ll know for sure soon enough.