Brock Lesnar Proves There’s No UFC Sponsor He Can’t Disrespect

Brock Lesnar marches to the beat of his own drummer, and nothing will ever change that. The man does what he wants. He’s Brock Lesnar, damn it. Who are you to question his methods. And what does Brock like more than hunting, gathering, ingesting proteins or punching skulls? Money. Brock loves money. Not many people can get away with having a Jimmy John’s sponsorship on his wrestling trunks, but Brock Lesnar does. So when he steps into the Octagon, you better believe Brock Lesnar won’t accept making a measly five grand because of Reebok’s weak sponsorship cash, oh no.

Brock Lesnar would rather make nothing than make five grand. It’s the principle of the thing.

This isn’t the first time Brock Lesnar has supremely dissed a UFC sponsor, after his UFC 100 win over Frank Mir, he stood on the giant, blue Bud Light logo and said:

“I’m gonna go home tonight and I’m gonna drink a Coors Light. A Coors Light because Budweiser won’t pay me nothin.”

You can watch that classic thrashing below.

Oh, Brock. Never change. With Brock simply being Brock, he shines a light on the ridiculously small payouts these Reebok sponsorships are burdening on UFC fighters, and through is lack of give a sh*t, he can help a lot of people make more money fighting.