The Judgement Day For Brock Lesnar’s Failed Drug Tests Has Been Set For Later This Month

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Brock Lesnar’s punishment for his UFC doping violations could be handed down by the end of the month. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has set the date for their official ruling on Lesnar’s multiple failed drug tests for August 23, less than two weeks away from now, and two days after he’s set to compete at WWE SummerSlam against Randy Orton.

At this time, it’s expected that Lesnar and his camp will petition for the NSAC to extend his current temporary suspension to give them additional time to investigate the violations and, as Lesnar said in his official statement to AP after the fact, “get to the bottom of this.”

Lesnar’s first doping violation came after he tested positive for the estrogen blocker clomiphene on June 28. However, due to a delay in getting the results, he was still allowed to compete against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He then failed an in-competition drug test the night of the milestone event. As a first-time offender, Lesnar could be banned from UFC competition for up to two years, plus additional sanctions from the NSAC. UFC themselves chose not to fine the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion after either of his failed USADA tests, and WWE turned into one giant shrug emoji over the whole thing. Jon Jones, who also failed drug tests due to illegal use of an estrogen blocker, does not have a date set for his judgement.

h/t MMA Junkie