Brock Lesnar Will Not Be Fined By UFC Or Have His Pay Docked Due To Failed USADA Tests

A whole lot has happened in the past couple of weeks since Brock Lesnar made his triumphant return to the UFC, defeating Mark Hunt by decision in three rounds. Since UFC 200 on July 9, the USADA announced that Lesnar has failed both an out-of-competition test and an in-competition test and could face fines, sanctions, or even a suspension from MMA. And of course, this could have some repercussions on Lesnar’s current, active WWE career, as well.

We already know that whatever the USADA decides, WWE plans to go forward with his huge SummerSlam match against Randy Orton. And if the news of the failed tests affected Lesnar’s standing in the recent WWE Draft, it didn’t affect it all that much, as Lesnar was still selected as the No. 8 overall pick.

MMA Fighting reports
that UFC is not planning to fine Lesnar as a result of the failed tests. They are also not planning to rescind or withhold any of Lesnar’s winning purse, which was a record-setting payday for an MMA fighter (and which Mark Hunt now wants at least a portion of).

Lesnar reportedly tested positive for an anti-estrogen agent, which is also what Jon Jones reportedly tested positive for when he was pulled from UFC 200. UFC does not plan to fine either fighter and will let the USADA have the first (and last) word in handing down punishment.

If you like, you can compare UFC’s treatment of Lesnar and Jones to their treatment of Pat Healy in 2013. Healy tested positive for marijuana, after which UFC took away his win bonus, fight of the night bonus and submission bonus. Unlike Lesnar and Jones, Healy was not a millionaire at the time of his failed test and punishment.