Brock Lesnar Opines That UFC 200 Will Be A ‘Merry Christmas’ Thanks To Jon Jones Being Pulled

During an onstage interview as part of UFC’s Fight Week on Thursday, Brock Lesnar finally went on the record about Jon Jones being removed from Saturday night’s UFC 200 pay-per-view. Jones, of course, was pulled from his light heavyweight title fight due to a positive USADA test from June, leaving Lesnar’s match against Mark Hunt as the new main event in what could be the largest event in UFC history.

Lesnar said that when he heard the news about Jones, his reaction was, “[It] just kinda sucks for everybody, but it is what it is.” In more typical Lesnar news, he said that he found out on Thursday morning that his match would now be the main event. As usual, he was thinking about the impact of the fight on his wallet above all else.

“Like I said, it’s unfortunate, it’s unprofessional [when this type of positive testing happens]; it’s just the way it is. What else do you want me to say? Merry Christmas to Brock Lesnar.”

We would say, “Never change, Brock,” but there’s absolutely nothing to indicate that he would ever consider doing so. Brock Lesnar, now and always, gives zero craps. We will keep counting down the hours until Saturday night, when we’ll all find out just how merry a Christmas it will be.

(Transcripts via Cageside Seats)