There’s A Rumor Brock Lesnar May Have Another UFC Fight This Year

Brock Lesnar may be headed back to the UFC for at least on more fight. It’s a rumor for now coming from @TalkMMA on Twitter, who has broken some UFC stories in the past. Lesnar was suspended from UFC last year, but his one-year suspension is now up.

TalkMMA sparked speculation about a Lesnar return to the Octagon when he reported that Lesnar and Paul Heyman were at UFC’s headquarters in Las Vegas earlier this month during International Fight Week. If you follow Paul Heyman on Twitter, he has been tweeting a lot from Vegas recently, so the story matches up.

The story continued with TalkMMA stating that he was told Lesnar is back in the USADA testing pool.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed that Lesnar is indeed back in the USADA testing pool, but said Heyman was not in UFC’s offices.

There is also speculation that Lesnar could return for the UFC show at Madison Square Garden in New York City on November 4. That’s obviously a major venue, and Lesnar would be a huge draw as a former UFC Heavyweight Champion and essentially a household name.

Meltzer, however, noted that due to the timing of the suspension taking effect, the earliest Lesnar could fight again after re-entering the testing pool would be mid-December. He said there is obviously interest from UFC in bringing Lesnar in again for another fight. Lesnar’s one-year suspension started on July 15, 2016. Even though he publicly stated he was retired from MMA, we all know how often fighting sports retirements stick. (Not very often.)

What does this mean for Lesnar’s current status in WWE as their Universal Champion on the Raw brand? If Lesnar were to return to UFC later this year, then that would probably mean he drops the Universal Title to somebody like Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman if they end up having a four-way match at SummerSlam on August 20 as rumored. That would give Lesnar time to train for the UFC fight. Since WWE let Lesnar fight in UFC last year while he was still under a WWE deal, they will likely be okay with it again.

For what it’s worth, Ariel Helwani, arguably the most-respected MMA journalist in the world, noted that there’s nothing to the rumor at this time.

Back in February, Lesnar supposedly retired from UFC for good and here we are five months Lesnar with a story about him coming back. For now, take it as a rumor that could end up becoming very real.