Reby Hardy Has A ‘Need For Vengeance’ In The GFW Trademark Lawsuit

One of the biggest stories in pro wrestling this year, at least from a behind-the-scenes perspective, continues to be about the “Broken Hardy” trademark battle between Matt Hardy, his wife Reby and Jeff Hardy and their former employer Global Force Wrestling, which was TNA Wrestling during the family’s there.

The Hardys signed with WWE in March, returned to WWE as a surprise at WrestleMania 33 (the biggest ovation of the year) and have teased the Broken gimmick for several months now. In early July, it looked like they had finally solved this problem until the GFW side backed out. Reby has been very aggressive in her comments of late, even calling GFW boss Jeff Jarrett “weak and a liar” last week. At some point there has to be a resolution, right?

Reby Hardy recently appeared on the Pro Wrestling Sheet podcast and spoke about how it’s become almost a personal matter. Thanks to the Wrestling Observer for the quotes.

“I’m pretty sure they’ve been betting on the fact that we were just going to get bored or going to get tired. But I think everybody is kind of underestimating my level of petty. And my level, my need for vengeance, it’s never been about money. It’s more about the principle of things. And I think on their end, it more about ego. And for me personally, I don’t know about Matt, it’s more about doing the right thing really.”

A “need for vengeance” is a strong choice of words, but it also shows how much Reby cares about this issue. I believe her when she said it’s about the principle and not the money because the Hardys were the ones that came up with these characters and even funded episodes of Impact Wrestling out of their own pocket, yet they are having to go through all these issues because GFW has decided to make things difficult.

From GFW’s perspective, they really have nothing to lose in this matter and have every right to play hardball with the Hardys. I want to see the “Broken Hardys” in WWE as I’m sure most fans do, but it’s easy to understand why GFW is putting up a fight over what they believe is their intellectual property.

Reby added these thoughts on the public perception of how people might look at GFW regarding this issue.

“If the deal was going to happen, I promise it would’ve happened already. And it would’ve been beneficial to them…best for all parties, but they’re the ones that have to deal with the public perception.”

Here’s hoping for a resolution soon because, as Reby said, that’s what would be best for all parties. Clean slate and move on. Sounds a lot easier than it actually is.