Reby Hardy Rants About GFW Again, Calling Jeff Jarrett ‘Weak’ And ‘A Liar’

Reby Hardy, the wife of WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, has no problem speaking her mind about the Hardy Boyz “broken” characters when she feels inclined to. This time, she really made things personal with Jeff Jarrett, who runs the creative side of Global Force Wrestling, which used to be Total Nonstop Action.

To briefly recap where we left off in the story about the Hardy Boyz (Matt, Jeff, Reby and family) having issues with Impact Wrestling, the two sides nearly came to a deal two weeks ago and even agreed on financial terms. After it appeared that the “Broken” issue was settled, Jarrett and company asked for more, which the Hardys declined. They are back to a stalemate.

Part of the terms of that deal involved Reby, who just gave birth to her second son last month, because of how often she has publicly ranted about how angry she is with the Impact side. If you need reminders, here’s a memorable rant from early March and again in late March. Those “F**k That Owl” shirts sold well too. The drama continued in May too. Needless to say, it would be nice if there was a resolution soon, but according to Reby’s tweets today it’s not happening yet.

Here’s a summary of Reby’s messages today from her @RebyHardy Twitter handle:

If they were going to, they would have LONG BEFORE I ever said anything again. My recent speaking out was after the last straw for us after weeks of staying quiet, as per our verbal agreement that was made once Billy & our lawyers reached out to them on our behalf. Apparently they couldn’t hold up their end of it, with Jeff, Ed & Dutch continuing to give interviews & lie to anyone would who listen. For what ? EGO; that’s what this is all about. TNA gains NOTHING they didn’t already have by putting us through this mess but they want you to, as they gloat of “building bridges” to detract from the fact that they can no longer fund their own programming…

Lets keep it real; Jeff Jarrett burns bridges like he burns through Kurt Angle’s alimony money. They were never going to cooperate regardless of how many chances we gave them to do things amicably/the right way. And there were MANY. Jarrett himself said they were going to “drag it out as long as possible” because “they’ll get tired of spending money”. Easy for a failing company & someone whose lifestyle is supported by his wife’s ex husband to say. You weak AF, little man. The ONLY thing we’re tired of are the blatant lies & we will NEVER back down. Even tho we’ve ALREADY WON.

The line about the alimony money is very personal because you don’t see talk about that kind of stuff in public, but obviously Reby is at a point where she doesn’t care. As she said, she stayed quiet when they thought they had an agreement and now they are back to where they were before.

In case you don’t know why Kurt Angle’s name was brought up, it’s because Angle has a daughter and son with Karen Jarrett, who used to be Karen Angle. She left Kurt for Jeff about ten years ago in an ugly real life situation that ended up being a part of a wrestling storyline because that’s what happens in this wacky business.

For now, there continues to be no resolution to this issue while Jarrett and friends will likely continue to do their best to drag it out because they don’t want the Hardys to benefit from using their “Broken” characters.