Matt Hardy Offered A Talent Exchange To WWE And Any Other Wrestling Promotion

It’s a very exciting week in pro wrestling, as Matt Hardy is about to unleash his latest magnum opus upon the world. Total Nonstop Deletion will replace the normal Impact Wrestling programming this week, and the centerpiece of the special is Tag Team Apocalypto, supposedly the perfect manifestation of their Broken Universe that Matt claims would terrify Vince McMahon.

But the Hardys are serious (or as serious as they can be) about opening that Broken Universe up to anyone and everyone. In fact, in a new interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Matt Hardy said that if any promotion sends a team to TNA to be part of the Broken Hardys madness (specifically in this week’s Tag Team Apocalypto, but we imagine it will extend beyond that), the Hardys will appear for that promotion in return … and that includes WWE.

“If they were to send the Bucks of Youth to Apocalypto and myself and Brother Nero would be happy and the Impact Wrestling fans would be happy. We would be happy to go to an ROH show in exchange. I would make the same offer to MeekMahan and the Day of the New. They come to Apocalypto, and I would go to Monday Night Raw. And so would Brother Nero. I think it would be very good if we all worked together. When it’s all said and done, we ultimately want to give the wrestling fan the greatest entertainment and biggest dream match possible, and that is what I’m trying to accomplish here.”

Of course, Tag Team Apocalypto has been in the can for some time, and no one has leaked a peep about The New Day being involved, so that would be one hell of a wonderful surprise if it’s true (and we eagerly await a Broken Hardys appearance on Raw if so). But WWE has reportedly been interested in Matt, and Jeff has made no secret about his desire to go back. A year ago, we would have said there’s no chance in hell. But 2016 is the year of the truly bizarre happening. Come on, WWE. Play ball. Step into Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe. It would be benaFEEshul to all.

[weird faces and delighted moaning for five minutes]