The Daughters Of Hulk Hogan, DDP, Roddy Piper And More Are Starting Their Own Wrestling Company

The last we heard from Brooke Hogan, she was being sued for cyber defamation! Which was literally a step up from … you know … the other stuff going on in her family. Now she’s back, sort of, and is heavily involved with a new venture that you were in no way expecting.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Brittany Page — the daughter of future Hall of Famer “Diamond” Dallas Page — at an airport, which is one of the main places where TMZ talks to people. (Second place goes to “entering/leaving a hotel,” followed by “drunkenly leaving a restaurant of nightclub.”) Anyway, Page revealed that she, Brooke Hogan, Lacey Von Erich, Ariel Toombs (daughter of the late Roddy Piper) and the daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme are founding a pro wrestling company together.

Okay, look. I know what you’re thinking.

Yes, the possibility of terribleness is high, but there are certainly some legitimately big names involved (at least where fathers are concerned). But of course they’re not just doing it by themselves, they have some veteran wrestlers overseeing the whole thing, like Christy Hemme.

Stop that.

Naturally, as with most pro wrestling companies and ventures where a lot of high-powered people are involved as partners, the odds are against it ever getting off the ground, but when and if it does, you can bet we here at With Spandex will keep you updated on this amazing promotion.