This Remake Of The Hardy Brothers Confrontation Is Even More Insane Than The Original

I’ve always believed that Impact Wrestling is at its very best when it embraces how weird and fantastic it can be, and then runs with it. Remember the AJ Styles-Claire Lynch baby shower? How about Mickie James getting kinda-murdered with a train? And, most recently, Reby Sky throwing a baby at Jeff Hardy? Just magical moments in time for us to cherish forever.

While TNA has already released a lengthier version of the recent confrontation between Jeff and his off-strip dinner theatre illusionist brother Matt Hardy, they’ve taken that ball and, as we said, run with it. In fact, they ran all the way to Mexico where members of the Impact Wrestlng roster are representing their various countries in the AAA Lucha Libre Victoria World Cup. There they lovingly recreated the #BROKEN director’s cut.

Did you ever think that Ethan Carter III with toilet paper on his head reenacting a Matt Hardy segment would be this wonderful? Well…okay yeah, duh. More importantly, I suppose, did you ever think Impact Wrestling would actually embrace being totally and completely effing bonkers on purpose? What a time to be alive.

Well, unless you’re Matt Hardy. Then you’re probably none too pleased with this gem: