Here’s Who Will Challenge For The NXT Championship At Survivor Series

After a banger opener of the first-ever women’s War Games match, the second match on the NXT TakeOver: War Games 2019 card was a triple threat with consequences for tomorrow night’s WWE main roster pay-per-view, Survivor Series. Pete Dunne, Killian Dane, and Damian Priest faced off in a match to determine who will challenge Adam Cole for the NXT Championship on Sunday.

The triple threat was packed with action, featuring feats of strength and a lot of nearfalls and near-submissions. Each competitor got close to victory multiple times before being thwarted by a kickout or the breakup of a pin or a hold.

Ultimately, the man who, in the words of commentator Mauro Ranallo, possessed “the Thanksgiving tryptophan” to put the other competitors to sleep and earn a shot at the NXT Championship was Pete Dunne. In size, Dunne was the smallest wrestler in the match, but as the longest reigning WWE United Kingdom Champion so far, he was the largest in reputation.

Dunne won the match with a combination of technical skill and in-ring savvy in a creative finish you can watch here:

Dunne locked a sleeper hold on Killian Dain and Dain tried to knock him off and damage his other opponent by hitting a senton on the prone Damian Priest. Dunne released his hold on Dain only to transition to pinning Priest and cleverly win the match.

Now that we know Dunne is Adam Cole’s opponent on Sunday, the question that remains about the Survivor Series NXT Championship match is, to quote commentary again, “What will both Dunne and Cole have left after this brutal night?”