The Chris Benoit Biopic ‘Crossface’ Has A New Director

It has been nearly 10 years since Chris Benoit killed his wife and child in their home before taking his own life. In the decade since, pro wrestling has changed a lot in some ways and not at all in others, and the circumstances surrounding the Benoit murder-suicide has seen itself morph into some truly disgusting and wildly varying conspiracy theories.

In some ways, perhaps it was inevitable that the Benoit story would be made into a film. Crossface, a biopic based on Matthew Randazzo’s book Ring of Hell, has been in development since 2011 and at one point had Liev Schreiber in the running to play Benoit. The project has barely seen any news since then, until now.

Lexi Alexander, who directed the cult favorite Punisher: War Zone as well as the films Green Street and Lifted, and has of late been directing episodes of television shows like Arrow, Supergirl and Limitless, has confirmed that she will be at the helm of Crossface (and that Schreiber is not attached to the movie in any way). Although her tweet-tweet-delete style has removed her personal confirmation that she is working on the film, a rundown of the news can be found at Wrestlezone.

Alexander is a solid choice, as she has proven in the past she can handle action with aplomb as well as stark-serious subject matter. Not only that, but she has a background in combat, as she is a former karate world champion(!). If you want to learn more about Alexander and her filmmaking philosophies, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you check out the episode of How Did This Get Made? where she discusses Punisher: War Zone in depth. It’s 100 percent worth your time.