Chris Jericho Explained His Surprise ‘All In’ Appearance The Night Of A Fozzy Show

All In

All In was a major success by pretty much any measure, as Cody and the Young Bucks managed to sell out a 10,000 seat arena and put together a pretty incredible card.

Not only did the announced card feature some of the biggest names in wrestling in some dream matchups, but they pulled out some big surprises as well. There was Joey Ryan, emerging from a “phalanx of phalluses” to attack Hangman Page after his match with Joey Janela, and to do, well, Joey Ryan things.

But the biggest stunner of the night came in the aftermath of the Kenny Omega-Pentagon Jr., when the lights went out and Chris Jericho attacked Omega with a codebreaker dressed as Pentagon, revealing himself afterwards to issue Omega a challenge for the upcoming Chris Jericho Cruise.

Typically, Jericho showing up wouldn’t be a huge surprise given his relationship with Omega, Cody, and The Young Bucks — he had them on his podcast recently to talk about All In. However, Jericho wasn’t scheduled to be on the card because of a Fozzy show in Kansas that wouldn’t allow him to be in Chicago on the same night, and yet, there he was.

Shortly after his attack, Jericho explained how all of this came to be, direct from the runway in Chicago where he was on a private jet bound for Merriam, Kansas to make it to the Fozzy show on time.

It’s a pretty incredible swerve and one that created one of the loudest pops of the night from the packed house in Chicago. Legitimate surprises are hard to come by these days in wrestling because of how much information is available on the internet, but Jericho and company managed to pull it off and keep it a secret until the reveal.

As for the match on the Chris Jericho Cruise, he later announced on Instagram the match would be “Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club” with himself and the Young Bucks against Omega, Cody, and Marty Scurll.