Chris Jericho Has His Own Cruise Now, And You Can Sail Away With Him

There isn’t much left in the world Chris Jericho hasn’t already accomplished. Held every men’s championship in WWE? Check. Fronts a (relatively) successful rock band? Yup. Hosts award shows? Absolutely. Holds his own on improv comedy shows? Correct. Can pass for a meteorologist? Surprisingly, yes! Knows 1,004 holds? Duh. But now, he can cross yet another milestone off: Y2J officially has his own cruise now.

Partnering with Sixthman, the WWE Superstar has unveiled Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea, sailing from Miami to Nassau from October 27-31, 2018. In addition to its namesake, the cruise will feature appearances from Jim Ross, Diamond Dallas Page, Mick Foley, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rey Mysterio and Raven, as well as live podcast recording sessions with the likes of Konnan, Bubba Ray Dudley, Lance Storm and more.

Plus, Ring Of Honor will host the first-ever “Sea Of Honor” tournament, which promises more than a dozen wrestlers competing in a ring set up on the Lido Deck. Finally, you can watch sweaty men grapple for your entertainment while sitting in a hot tub sipping a Mai Tai!

Chris Jericho invites you on the Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea! from Sixthman TV on Vimeo.

That’s just the “wrestling” portion of the cruise, though: There will also be a number of bands performing all over the cruise ship. Of course, Fozzy is the headlining act (of course), but there will be a legit heavy metal legend present in former Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell, whose band the Bastard Sons will perform. Other acts slated to take the stage include an all-female AC/DC tribute called Shoot To Thrill, and an Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath tribute act called Blizzard Of Ozzy, so you kinda know what you’re getting into here.

Oh, and comedian Jim Breuer’s metal band will perform too, if that is somehow the tipping point to making you book a cabin.

Speaking of those cabins, they start as low as $500 per person for a four-person room (plus $225 per person for taxes and fees) and go all the way up to $8,381 if just one person wants to book the Owner’s Suite. Though if you have that kind of money to burn, just find your local indie fed, hand them a blank check and tell them to book Y2J in your hometown. Keep in mind, these prices do not include alcohol, though for the low price of $71.10 a day (plus 18% automatic gratuity, of course), you can have unlimited cocktails. Start saving your pennies and get ready to drink it in, maaaaan.