Chris Jericho Talks Fozzy Blowing Up, Wrestling Until He’s 90, And Why He Won’t Put You On The List

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06.01.17 5 Comments

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Chris Jericho is the frontman for the band Fozzy, set to release their seventh album, ‘Judas,’ this fall. He’s also a comedian. And an actor. And the host of a popular podcast. And a New York Times bestselling author. And, as you know if you’re coming to this interview by way of our pro wrestling portal, arguably the greatest WWE Superstar of all time.

For a guy who become a Jericoholic the day he tore the ring announcer’s jacket on Monday Nitro in 1997, sitting down with Jericho in Fozzy’s dressing room at the AT&T Center during San Antonio’s River City Rockfest 2017 felt a bit like a Catholic meeting The Pope. He was a conspiracy victim. He was the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Roll-ah. I discovered his band, Fozzy, when they released their self-titled debut back in 2000. This is when they were still mostly a cover band, built on a funny, Spinal Tap-inspired mythology. Jericho wasn’t Jericho then, he was “Moongoose McQueen.”

Between stints in the studio, Jericho returned to pro wrestling regularly to become lots of things. Y2J. The King of the World. The Best in the World at What He Does. The first-ever undisputed WWE Champion. The guy who beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night. To describe Jericho is to reference a stack of flash cards listing his nicknames, memorable moments, side projects, accomplishments, and on and on. To his fans, he’s a little bit of everything. He’s a pro wrestler, sure, but he’s more of a cultural Lawnmower Man, popping in to do whatever he wants whenever he wants to, and to be good at all of it.

He did the interview reclining in a chair, shirtless in black jeans, with a towel around his neck like a scarf. It was perfectly Jericho.


With Spandex: I was happy, I got into the festival in time to hear you covering “Hot For Teacher” with Kyng.

Chris Jericho: That was cool. That was fun. We’ve been talking about that the whole tour, and then it was really cool [to play it]. There was no monitors onstage vocally, so I couldn’t really hear when I was standing on the thing. Thanks, dude. That’s why I took the microphone off the stand. I just wanted to wander around with it. But those guys were great guys and we just finished a tour with them. We’ve been out with them for the last month.

And sometimes when you go on the road, you meet other bands and you get along with some of them, and some of them you don’t, but they were like brothers right off the bat. So it was great to able to do that with them and tour with them, and hopefully we’ll do more with them in the future.

Touring with them was almost like … they’re like Black Sabbath in 1978 and we’re like Van Halen in 1978, so it’s perfect match. Take that to 2017, and it’s a really good bill for the fans. It was a blast.

I read the new album’s coming out in September?

Yes, exactly.

Tell me about the new album.

Originally, it was going to come out in May but we didn’t finish it on time, and you don’t want to rush something like that because an album lasts forever. So we got the single [“Judas”] done; we knew the single would come out before this tour. What we didn’t know is how huge it would blow up.

It’s been in my head for a week.

Thanks, dude. And a lot of people are saying that, “I’ve never listened to Fozzy, I’m a huge Fozzy fan, and everything in between. And we just can’t stop thinking about the song.” I think we’re at 3.8 million views and downloads today, and it will be a month on Tuesday, so we should hit 4 million by then. A million views a week; not bad.

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