Chris Jericho Had Some Surprising Comments About His Next WWE Return

Chris Jericho is currently on hiatus from WWE thanks to a devastating apron powerbomb and attack by his former best friend, Kevin Owens. Or because he’s on tour with his band, Fozzy. Whichev.

Fans have known about this break from wrestling to play shows with Fozzy for quite some time, and there has been a lot of speculation about just how much time Jericho will miss before he finally returns to WWE. Because we all just assumed the return would be inevitable, given how Y2J just can’t manage to leave us, and that his most recent run was some of the best work he’s ever done.

So it was pretty interesting when, in an interview with The Washington Post about the Fozzy tour, Jericho said he’d be perfectly content to be done with wrestling altogether.

“It’ll be a long time before I go back,” he said. “If I ever do go back, if I never go back, it’s fine. If I never wrestle another match, it wouldn’t bother me.”

Whoa, right? Now before you point out that Jericho’s actually already being advertised for some overseas live events (the June 28 show in Singapore, and the June 30 and July 1 shows in Tokyo, Japan already list Jericho among the talent scheduled to appear [he’s scheduled to take on Hideo Itami on the first Japan show, and be part of a multi-man Intercontinental Championship match on the second]), the Post acknowledged that, too, and prefaced this quote by saying Jericho was talking about a full-time return to WWE, not these three one-off Live Events.

It’s clear that Jericho loves his band and always has, but he’s also always loved wrestling. Luckily, he gets to do both. And we’re just going to assume he’s working us and being a stinker. We have to assume that, because a WWE with a permanent lack of Chris Jericho is a very bleak existence, indeed.