CM Punk And Wade Barrett Are Headed To Netflix As Reality Show Hosts

Via YouTube

If you’re still holding your breath for a full-on Nexus reunion (like everyone who writes for With Spandex is), I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news: It’s not gonna happen inside a WWE ring any time soon.

However, at least two members of the Nexus are headed to a video-streaming platform other than WWE Network in the near future: 411Mania is reporting that Netflix has ordered a third season of their competition reality show Ultimate Beastmaster. And just what is Ultimate Beastmaster, you ask? Allow this handy-dandy video to catch you up!

So yeah, it’s basically Netflix’s version of American Ninja Warrior, only competing inside an oversized dinosaur skeleton, to which I say f*ck yeah. The Netflix-exclusive show already has two seasons under its belt, and has been picked up for season three, which will start filming later this year.

Punk and Barrett won’t be competing, however; instead, they’re each going to be hosts for their respective countries, the United States and the United Kingdom. (Athletes from six countries compete, with two hosts for each country in their corner.)

Previous Ultimate Beastmaster hosts include UFC fighter Anderson Silva, ex-NFL player Tiki Barber, and even Terry Crews, which means Punk won’t be the first UFC fighter nor the first person to have beef with WWE on the show. Oh well.