Terry Crews Has Opinions About WWE Shortening Apollo Crews’ Name

Via YouTube

It’s been a weird couple of days for the man formerly known as Uhaa Nation. Up until now, that man was known as Apollo Crews within various corners of the WWE universe. It’s how he debuted in NXT in 2015; it’s how he debuted on Raw in 2016. But word came down hours before Raw began on Monday that Crews’ moniker had been shortened to simply “Apollo.”

Speculation ran rampant as to why Crews lost his last name, and it was revealed that Vince McMahon himself reportedly made the decision based on “Crews” sounding phonetically identical to the “Cruz,” the last name of the Parkland, Florida school shooter. So, yeah: Bummer.

But the real question is this: What does actor Terry Crews think about the name change? It’s not a stretch to think that a good-looking, muscular black man was at at least a partial inspiration for the name of another good-looking, muscular black man. Well, wonder no longer:

This may come off as strange to some, as Crews originally tweeted well wishes to Apollo upon the initial reveal of his WWE name in 2015:

But after someone reminded Crews of this tweet, he gave a quick response that alluded to WWE not holding up whatever end of the deal they had potentially worked out with him for usage of his famous surname:

Credit to Titus O’Neil, ever the peacemaker, for inviting Crews out to WWE Raw in Anaheim next week to squash the beef:

Crews, however, doesn’t see things the same way:

If this whole thing leads to Titus Worldwide disbanding, then Percy Watson getting called up to be his new manager, I’m all in – we can call the new pair Showtime At The Apollo!

… I’ll see myself out.