CM Punk Responds To Question About Showing Up In AEW


CM Punk hasn’t wrestled since WWE‘s 2014 Royal Rumble, but some fans haven’t given up hope that he’ll return someday to the squared circle. The fact that he already may have done so under a mask only fueled hopes and theories. Given Punk’s both kayfabe and real-life issues with WWE in the past, many would like to see him join All Elite Wrestling, or at least show up at one of their shows. A return at AEW All Out on August 31, which sold out today in fifteen minutes, in Chicago would be an iconic moment in wrestling history.

However, when asked on Twitter if he would “disappoint” fans by not showing up in AEW, Punk responded with a simple “Yes.”

Punk also replied to fans who responded to his tweet, including saying that he doesn’t want revenge against WWE (“No. If you set out for revenge, dig two graves. I’ve evolved and moved on. Long ago.”) and that he is “not resentful at all” of wrestling or wrestling fans, but “appreciative of everything that’s happened on my journey.”

Of course, this could all be a big work to make CM Punk coming out at All Out to challenge the winner of the Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page match for the AEW World Championship even more dramatic! But as time goes on, it seems like Punk may have really hung up his wrestling boots, at least as far as anything high-profile goes.