Watch The Entirety Of CM Punk’s Comically Short UFC 203 Open Workout

The next phase of CM Punk Goes to UFC 203 is here, and it’s becoming more real by the second. Today he took part in his first open workout, which began as it usually does — with pummeling. After Punk surely staved off the instinct to tie up, he and his coaches move onto some BJJ. His coach makes him look good. Some transitions are made, then it’s over as quick as it began. Punk only spent two minutes on the mat. That’s less than even Nate Diaz.

At the 1:30 mark someone yells, “Lookin’ old, Punk!” This isn’t the first time a heckler has appeared in Ohio ahead of UFC 203. UFC heavyweight title challenger Alistair Overeem also had a “glass cannon” song sung to him by a Stipe Miocic fan. Is this Ohio being super-aggressive towards fighters, pro wrestling fans invading the MMA landscape, or a little of both?

Punk certainly looks green, but it doesn’t seem like the pressure is getting to him. The only thing the guy hasn’t done is headline Wrestlemania, so we know that he should be able to handle the increase in media pressure.

That said, Mickey Gall did a 15-minute open workout like it was no big deal. If this fight goes into deep waters, Punk is in trouble.

(Via MMA Fighting)