The Five Biggest Revelations From ‘The Evolution Of Punk’ Episode Four

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09.06.16 14 Comments

Fox Sports aired the fourth and final episode of their Evolution of Punk documentary series on Monday. The series chronicles the long, long, long journey of CM Punk from the WWE ring to the UFC Octagon. You can find our breakdown of the first episode here, the second episode here, and the third episode recap here. Is Punk getting any more ready to face Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on September 10? Let’s find out!

CM Punk’s first meeting with Mickey Gall was “soccer mom small talk”

We got a lot of cool behind-the-scenes footage of Punk attending Mickey Gall’s first UFC fight, their meeting in the Octagon and their chit-chat afterward. When Gall met with his family after the fight, one of the first things they did was ask about his meeting with Punk. Gall said it was “soccer mom small talk” and that Punk was a nice guy. So Gall is in a small circle of people that Punk has been nice to on first blush.

Mickey Gall has the exact same opinion of CM Punk as everyone else

This week, we got a whole lot of Mickey Gall and his perspective, which is totally fair! We also got his training partners being a bunch of sh*theads about the fight, sarcastically setting up strategy sessions to joke about using chokeslams and Sharpshooters to beat Punk. Which is also totally fair.

No one in the world is taking Punk seriously except Punk, which is probably exactly how Punk prefers things to be. The most poetic thing in history would be Punk coming into the fight and shutting up everyone who badmouthed him. That’s absolutely not going to happen, but it would be great. Regardless how you feel about Punk, him impressing the hell out of you would be the best possible end to this story.

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