Cody Rhodes And Kenny Omega Are Both Hurt After Full Gear

If you watched AEW Full Gear on Saturday, you know how intense the last two matches turned out to be. Both the title match between Cody Rhodes and Chris Jericho and the Unsanctioned Lights Out match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley contained moments that had viewers yelping in sympathetic pain. And after seeing Cody land face first on the metal ramp and Kenny Omega… do all that, it should come as no surprise that neither man is cleared to compete this week.

AEW posted a photo of Cody’s battered face, including stitches on his forehead from that bad landing, along with the announcement that he’s not medically cleared.

As for Kenny, he tweeted a very in-character message that included the news that he’s not cleared for TV this week either.

A lot of viewers who are familiar with hardcore matches felt like Kenny’s with Moxley was worked in a pretty safe manner, so it’s possible that Kenny saying he’s not cleared is entirely a storyline choice (I suppose the same thing is possible for Cody, but looking at those stitches I have doubts). Either way, both performers deserve a break this week after what they did on Saturday.

You’d think Chris Jericho might want a break too, but in fact he’ll be in the ring on this week’s AEW Dynamite, going after the Tag Team Championship with his young protégé Sammy Guevara. No rest for Le Champion, it seems!