Cody Rhodes Talked About Not Being Able To Use The ‘Rhodes’ Name On The Indies

04.20.17 12 months ago 20 Comments


Since leaving WWE last year, it can be argued that no one has been in greater demand worldwide than Cody Rhodes. Or the former Cody Rhodes, anyway. We’ll get to that. Not only has the former Stardust been booked in pretty much every independent promotion that can afford his booking fee, he has also managed to work across promotions that don’t generally allow that sort of thing.

Rhodes has worked — more or less concurrently — in Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Evolve, New Japan, PWG, and others. Impact and ROH usually take great care to not cross the streams. Nor do Evolve and ROH. But I guess when you’re Cody Rhodes, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

While he’s been announced as “Cody Rhodes” in front of plenty of live crowds since leaving WWE (and has been advertised as “Cody Rhodes” for even more shows), WWE owns the “Rhodes” name … or at least they own “Cody Rhodes” as a trademarked name. As such, he hasn’t been allowed to be billed on television or video with the name he’s most known by. He’s generally referred to as “Cody” on-camera and on box art and so on. Sometimes “Cody R.”

Given how outspoken he’s been about his father’s legacy and the weight behind the family name, you’d think he’d hold some sort of grudge against the company that doesn’t let him be “Cody Rhodes,” right? According to what he told Sports Illustrated recently, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

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