Cody Rhodes Reportedly Now Holds The Rights To The ‘Dusty Rhodes’ Name

There’s been talk for a while now about Cody Rhodes and All Elite Wrestling nailing down some old WCW trademarks that WWE hasn’t been using. That’s how AEW Dynamite can have a Bash at the Beach, and it sounds like there might be a Battle Bowl or a Bunkhouse Stampede on the way. But a store came out today about Cody claiming one particular trademark, and it’s one that must have an immeasurable sentimental value to him.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Cody Rhodes now holds the trademark to his father’s ring name. The name “Dusty Rhodes,” of course, wasn’t anyone’s real name, but it’s the name under which Virgil Runnels became a legendary figure in wrestling. For years, the understanding has been that only WWE can use the name Dusty Rhodes for PR, merchandising and whatnot. Now it seems that has changed, and it’s pretty cool that the name is back with Dusty’s family.

Meltzer also notes that Cody has spoken in the past about writing a book about his father, and the use of his name is probably an important prerequisite to doing that, even though Cody’s probably too busy with AEW right now to write it.