Cody Rhodes Has Announced The Date And Initial Talent For His Massive ‘All In’ Show

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01.10.18 14 Comments


Last year, Cody Rhodes and his Bullet Club buddies the Young Bucks made one of their many headlines by announcing their intent to run a self-funded supershow in 2018 in a 10,000-seat arena.

An independent wrestling show of this magnitude hasn’t been attempted in a good long while, much less one that is entirely self-funded by professional wrestlers. Much LESS much less one that many are expecting has a legitimate shot at legitimately selling out. But with interest in New Japan and the Bullet Club at an all-time high, and with Young Bucks and Cody merch flying off the shelves of every Hot Topic in the country, and with Cody claiming 2017 was the single most profitable year in his pro wrestling career, interest in the show is already high, and fans are hopeful this will be a fun and successful show.

The “successful” part is yet to be seen, but they can pretty much guarantee the “fun” part, given that many of the Bullet Club members will be on board. On Wednesday, Cody and others announced via Twitter that although the show does not yet have a final announced venue, they do have a date and a half-dozen or so big names confirmed for the show.

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