Daniel Bryan And Renee Young Debuted Their New Tout Show, ‘Smacking Talk’

A couple of weeks ago, WWE canceled Talking Smack as a weekly Smackdown Live after-show. Although Talking Smack will continue to air on WWE Network following Smackdown-branded pay-per-views (as it did on Sunday following Battleground), WWE fans will no longer be able to tune in on a weekly basis to see Daniel Bryan and Renee Young get lit the hell up by people like the Miz or Kevin Owens, or to hear Bryan regale viewers with tales about his ballbag.

In fact, both Daniel Bryan and Renee Young found out about the news of Talking Smack’s cancellation via Twitter, rather than, you know, from their bosses or place of employment.

But they held their chins high, and the Talking Smack hosts vowed to host a NEW version of the after-show on the famously maligned WWE-backed social network Tout.

It was a great joke. But an even better joke? THEY DAMN DONE DID IT. Bryan and Young co-hosted an all-new Tout show, Smacking Talk, which was debuted on Twitter in glorious lo-fi, with their guest Chad Gable and some fairly bombshell news.


Yes, Daniel Bryan is Chad Gable’s father. It’s official. How can it get any more official than this OFFICIAL paternity test, I ask you?

No, nothing is more official than that, and never has been. Praise be to Renee and Daniel for making this real, and let us hope that this continues every week, forever. We need something to fill the void of both Talking Smack and the JBL and Cole Show, and this seems like it has all the makings of just that.