Daniel Bryan Believes The Odds Are Overwhelmingly In Favor Of Him Re-Signing With WWE

Associate Editor

Daniel Bryan and The Miz will have, quite possibly, the most highly-anticipated match at SummerSlam 2018. While the match is expected to be the hottest of fire, there is intrigue about what will happen after. This is not necessarily because of the feud between the two wrestlers, but rather, it’s because no one seems to know what the future holds for Bryan.

While Bryan said he wants to try and wrestle until he’s 70, it’s been widely reported that his contract is up with WWE a little later this year. It would, to use an official term, stink on ice if Bryan left the promotion, but there is some good news: Bryan sounds like he’s pretty certain he isn’t going anywhere.

Bryan sat down with Sam Roberts earlier this week and spoke about contract negations between the two sides. When asked about the odds of him putting pen to paper on a new deal, Bryan gave as positive of an update as you’ll hear.

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