‘Dark Side Of The Ring’ Season 2 Trailer Promises More Mystery And Controversy

In 2019, the TV network Viceland entered the wrestling business in a roundabout way, with not one but two shows about professional wrestling: The Wrestlers, a docuseries hosted by Damien Abraham which covers modern day wrestling, and Dark Side Of The Ring, a more salacious show exploring some of the biggest scandals and mysteries in pro wrestling’s history (among them the Montreal Screwjob and the death of Bruiser Brody).

Both shows gained fanbases quickly, and Dark Side Of The Ring was greenlit for a second season just two months after season one ended. This morning, Viceland dropped the trailer for season two, which appears to be nine episodes and will premiere on March 24 at 9 p.m. ET.

According to the trailer, this season will have episodes on the death of Owen Hart, Chris Benoit’s last days, the death of Jimmy Snuka’s girlfriend, the murder of Dino Bravo and more. Here’s the complete list of topics:


Many of the same talking heads from season one will be featured in this season, such as Vince Russo and Jim Cornette, but new faces appear as well, including Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Chavo Guerrero, New Jack and others. While season one of Dark Side Of The Ring was not without its controversy (the Montreal Screwjob episode specifically drawing a number of critiques), season two looks to peel back even more layers of pro wrestling’s sordid history.