David Arquette Got Into A Shoot Fight In A Death Match Because Pro Wrestling Is Crazy In 2018

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One of the best stories of 2018 has been actor David Arquette’s transformation from incidental icon of everything that was wrong with the celebrity-obsessed culture of end times WCW to hard-nosed independent wrestling journeyman, getting back into the sport for the love of the game.

Keeping in mind that Arquette is an accomplished 47-year old actor who definitely doesn’t have to be doing this, he became the #1 trend on social media on Friday night for, and I’m not exaggerating this, almost bleeding to death for real in a pro wrestling match after being hit over the head with a light tube by a popular death match wrestler who once went to prison for robbing a bank. The match — David Arquette vs. Nick Gage, from Joey Janela’s L.A. Confidential show in Los Angeles — was going as well as a match involving light tubes and pizza cutters can until a shard of broken light tube caught Arquette in the neck.

The actor started bleeding profusely, and while the story’s sure to change as it bounces around from witness to witness, the going story is that Arquette wanted to quickly go to a finish, but Gage ignored it. That caused Nick Gage to get into a mid-match shoot fight with DAVID ARQUETTE, and they eventually went home on, of all things, a snap mare. Arquette no-sold the finish and bailed, because again, he had a piece of light tube jammed in his neck. Highlights:

Shout-out to everyone who saw “David Arquette” trending last night, assumed he’d either died or committed a crime, and had so, so many questions. Opinions on death match wrestling aside, you’ve got to give it up to Arquette for working so hard to reverse a community’s 20-year old opinion of him by being a hard, bad-ass workhorse, somehow.

This was his comment after the match:

Ready to Rumble 2, but with Arquette’s character being a Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler type is gonna be something special.