Diamond Dallas Page Will Teach You Office Stretches To Prolong Your Miserable Life

You love Diamond Dallas Page. Even if you never watched any of his matches, you love the guy. He’s one of the best stories in the history of pro wrestling, and his second career as the innovator and practitioner of DDP Yoga has changed and saved lives all over the world. There are a million reasons why he’s one of the most deserving WWE Hall of Famers ever, even if he might be bad at Pokemon.

If you’ve ever spent a session with one of his DDP Yoga DVDs, you’ll know that Page’s distinct wild-as-hell voice has a surprisingly calming and undeniably motivating effect on your brain and emotions. Funny or Die must ALSO realize how much hope DDP’s voice is capable of bestowing, because they tapped him for a really wonderful video about how to do some office stretches that will momentarily distract you from your bleak and ultimately meaningless life. Enjoy!

Ahhhh yeah, that’s the stuff. Thanks, DDP, for reminding me that existence is hopeless, but at least I can feel better if I allow myself to limber up a bit! I also appreciate the extended coda, because there’s nothing DDP loves more than demonstrating his extraordinary flexibility as a man in his 60s.

Also, I really gotta find out where I can score that sweet-ass mustard cardigan.