Dean Ambrose Has Reportedly Given His Notice To WWE


It’s been a strange month for WWE contract news. With WrestleMania (and AEW) looming, we’ve already heard about the Revival reportedly finishing up with the company and AJ Styles’ deal ending in April. Now Wade Keller over at the Torch is saying Dean Ambrose is the latest Superstar to give his notice.

According to Keller, Ambrose was offered a new contract and a raise several weeks ago, but turned them down, choosing instead to give his notice to WWE through management and a meeting with Vince McMahon. Ambrose’s current contract ends in April. Keller says this wasn’t widely known at the Royal Rumble or Raw, outside of top brass and a, “small circle of friends.”

More info:

He is expected to finish up shortly after WrestleMania, although it’s possible WWE would write him out of storylines sooner. This could explain why he was rather unceremoniously eliminated from the Royal Rumble on Sunday night and did a clean job to Seth Rollins on TV on Raw last night.

Sources tell PWTorch that Ambrose has been long frustrated with the creative direction of his character and reached a breaking point recently. He’s indicated to WWE management this weekend he’s not interested in negotiating further and made it clear this isn’t about trying to get more money. One of his colleagues on the roster, when asked tonight about Dean’s demeanor lately and if there were any signs of discontent, said “he’s pretty much impossible to read.” He added, though, that Dean “hates hokey sh–” and, since so much of his character has been portrayed as hokey in the last few years, he’s not surprised that would have built up frustration leading to a breaking point.

Hokey shit from the past few years includes being fooled by a ghost hologram of Bray Wyatt, trying to use a television as a weapon in a wrestling match without unplugging it and having it blow up in his face, stealing a hot dog cart to attack his enemies with ketchup and mustard, and dressing up like Bane to explain why he doesn’t like germs.

Ambrose attempted to make an announcement to the crowd at Monday’s Raw, but was interrupted by Nia Jax. Jax more or less punched him in the back of the head on his way out. He also did this:


We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Update: WWE has made it official.