The Revival Could Be Finished With WWE, Depending On Who You Ask

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.16.19 21 Comments

Early on Wednesday, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful got our hopes up with this tweet:

The story quickly became that The Revival, the embattled tag team who redefined tag team wrestling for NXT back in 2016 and were quickly turned into an endless embarrassing joke on the main roster, had requested their release from WWE. It’s one of those news bits that appeals to a certain kind of fan — like me, let’s be honest — who hates watching his favorites get treated about as badly as a tag team can on show after show after show, and hopes that companies that barely exist as of now have some previously unseen power to sign them away and promote them using what they do best.

Sapp quickly clarified his tweet, and the news became that people at WWE were worried The Revival was leaving, which should’ve been news every Monday after Dawson and Wilder’s super depressing emasculation at Raw 25. Here’s the update:

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