Dean Ambrose And Renee Young Have A Surprising Amount Of Opinions About ‘The Bachelor’

01.08.18 2 years ago


We already know that WWE’s Dean Ambrose will be out of action for up to nine months following his tricep surgery in December 2017. If you’ve been wondering what he’s has been up to during his time off, Renee Young’s podcast Regular Girls provides an answer: he’s been watching and judging the current season of The Bachelor with the same level of intensity we normally see from the Lunatic Fringe on WWE programming.

Regular Girls is a weekly podcast hosted by Young and comedian Stacey McGunnigle. It’s typically more about fashion, booze, and crystals than pro wrestling, although Brian Kendrick did show up one time to talk about conspiracy theories.

Ambrose, billed on the podcast as “Regular Jon,” had his first full-episode guest appearance a few weeks ago, and said he would return to talk about The Bachelor after declaring most of this season’s contestants “basic bitches.” This week he did just that. I’ve transcribed some of the highlights below, because this is important stuff.

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