Dean Ambrose May Be Out Longer Than Expected, According To WWE

12.26.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Following Monday night’s Christmas Raw, WWE published an update about Dean Ambrose’s tricep surgery.

The operation happened in Birmingham, Alabama, on December 19, following an onscreen injury on Monday Night Raw that was reportedly set up to cover for an actual injury Ambrose had previously suffered. The video post, which included comments from surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Dugas, says that Ambrose is expected to be out of action for about nine months. Dugas himself doesn’t comment on the length of the absence, but he does explain the procedure:

“He tore some of the distal triceps tendon where it attaches to the forearm bone, called the olecranon. So he basically tore about 50 percent of the triceps tendon away from the bone — that’s the injury that he sustained. So yesterday, we repaired that back down to the bone where it tore off of.”

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