Dolph Ziggler May Have Signed A New WWE Contract, So Here We Go Again

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02.12.18 7 Comments

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It’s possible that Dolph Ziggler might be the most polarizing Superstar in all of WWE. More than John Cena, more than Roman Reigns, it might be Ziggler that has pro wrestling fans most divided. The difference, of course, is that Ziggler far from dominates the main event scene or the bulk of television time from week to week. In fact, up until the Royal Rumble, he was barely on television at all for the past month or so.

The last time Ziggler’s WWE contract was coming due, in July of 2015, there was a whooooole lot of speculation that he might walk away from WWE. You might not remember that, but as someone who’s been writing about wrestling on the internet for years, believe me, it was very much a thing. Ultimately, of course, Ziggler opted to re-sign with a new deal.

Since re-signing, Ziggler unquestionably had one of his all-time high points in a career vs. Intercontinental Championship match against the Miz … but he also had possibly the two lowest point in his career with the disastrous Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae love quadrilateral, and his most recent storyline, where he eschewed all gimmicks and then “walked out” after winning the U.S. title.

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