Watch This Drummer Play Along To A Classic Promo From The Rock

06.09.17 11 months ago

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a man of many skills: For example, he can star in Hollywood blockbusters as well as HBO comedies at the same time. He can deliver huge ratings to late-night TV while launching a clothing line. He sings, he dances; hell, he’s even contemplating running for President of the United States of America.

However, we have never seen the Rock play the drums before, and that’s where David Dockery comes in. This multi-instrumentalist has been lighting YouTube afire in recent months with his “w/drums” video series, where he creates an avant garde, jazzy drum track for a piece of video that had none. His most well-known work is “Pepe Silvia w/drums” (and it is truly incredible), but his newest video could possibly eclipse that. Say hello to “The Rock w/drums”:

Dockery takes this classic Attitude Era promo from the Rock, in which he promises to beat up each and every member of D-Generation X, and lays down a seriously impressive groove which matches the WWE legend’s inflection perfectly. It turns a pretty standard (if not straight fire) promo from the Rock and morphs it into some sort of free jazz/beat poetry hybrid, which is something that seemed impossible before now but hey, here we are. Now if only Johnson can bring Dockery on Monday Night Raw for another installment of the Rock Concert, this whole thing can come full circle.

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