The Rock Commented On A Possible Presidential Run, And We Should Start Talking About It, Too

03.25.16 2 years ago 20 Comments

Why oh why should Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson run for the presidential nomination? Let me count the ways…

He’s a handsome guy with the kind of work ethic that would make Sisyphus look away in shame. He’s kind to puppies, law enforcement, has friends on both sides of the political spectrum, maintains family values, fights cancer, seemingly remains humble (outside of his WWE character) in the face of mega-stardom, and his popularity has crossed the bounds and thresholds of pop-culture several times over. Did I mention the millions… and millions of The Rock’s fans? No?

the rock


Let’s be real here: Donald Trump has opened the door for just about anyone to run for the presidential nomination and actually have a shot at getting it. Trump is best known for opening casinos and spouting less than flattering comments at various members of the pop-culture lexicon on TV. The Rock? He lays the smackdown. On everything. Literally, the man can’t lose; from becoming the top box-office star in the world to producing television to being a multi-time WWE Champion — he’s a 300 pound, Samoan golden goose. If Arnold can become Governor, and Donald Trump can (likely) win the Republican nomination for presidency, why can’t The Rock occupy the most cherished office in America? We (yes, you and I, and everyone else reading) need to seriously consider Dwayne Johnson for the Presidency of the United States. Not because we need him (there are more qualified candidates), but because we want him, and “want” seems to be the nucleus of American politics these days.

The Rock commented on a possible candidacy (see above tweet) after an article in the Independent Journal campaigned for a campaign from “The Great One.” Likely, Rock smashed his muscular fingers against the keyboard for that tweet with a tongue-in-cheek approach. But, there’s little that’s farcical about the possibility of a presidential campaign from the “most electrifying man in sports-entertainment.” If he wanted to, Johnson would have little opposition or resistance in smacking down the candy asses of competing politicians, and we should help him. Guide him. Urge him to run, and turn “The People’s Champ” into “The People President.”

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