The Participants In The Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Should Fear The Oculus

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With the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view right around the corner, it seemed like a good idea to take a closer look at the revamped structure to have a better idea of what these Superstars are facing on Sunday.

WWE eliminated said original chamber in 2015, as the sheer size and weight of the cage restricted them to certain venues. With the introduction of the brand split and accompanying brand-specific pay-per-views, Elimination Chamber returned to its February slot under the Raw banner. Atomic Designs (responsible for many a WrestleMania set) went to work, and with only three weeks to prepare gave Satan’s Prison a full Revenge Body makeover.: it has lost weight, has more angles than curves, and we can only assume is much more confident in its day-to-day life.

The video of the new chamber being built not only reveals the incredible amount of work and materials that went into its construction, but also that they built what they call “an oculus.”

*record scratch* Hold up, you built a what now?

But when I looked into the mirror, I shrieked, and my heart throbbed: for not myself did I see therein, but a devil’s grimace and derision. — Friedrich Nietzsche, The Child with the Mirror

WWE has an extensive history of flirting with the supernatural, from the handful of vampires they let run around in the early 2000s, to some guy named The Undertaker. Yeah I dunno, I’ve never heard of him either. While the company is more than happy to openly celebrate the cadre of demons on its roster, over the past few years a more sinister paranormal element has been lurking under the noses of the WWE Universe, housed in the hallowed halls of Full Sail University.

Long-time readers of our very own Brandon Stroud’s Best and Worst of NXT column may remember how a mystical mirror in the Divas locker room kept turning people heel/making them live their best lives at the expense of others. What followed were NXT-WWE Studios tie-ins for their film about an actual cursed mirror distorts reality and causes murder and mayhem for those who look upon it, titled Oculus. Is it a coincidence that an “oculus” is part of this iteration of the Elimination Chamber? Probably! Is that going to stop us from going down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole to justify what we think can happen during the first ever women’s chamber match? Hahaha nope!

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To really grasp the potential of what can happen during Sunday’s event, we need to go back to 2012 with the first appearance of the mirror — or, better yet, it’s first victim: Raquel Diaz. From the Best and Worst recap: “Shaul Guerrero showed up to be a scrappy babyface legacy Diva on week 1 at Full Sail, but when she sat down to do her makeup, she turned heel, went crazy, lost her identity and became obsessed with what she saw in the mirror.”

In the following years, some segments were overt references to the film, like Adam Rose looking into the cursed mirror, seeing Penn Jillette, and then slowly turning into a crazy asshole. While I’m honestly not sure how many people that inspired to go see a movie wherein the Dr. Who chick eats a lightbulb, the subtle injection of that same idea had a monumental influence on how the women’s division looks today.

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